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Creative Studio

Welcome to Christine's creative studio!

In addition to her career as a professional singer, Christine designs unique websites (including her own) for musicians, artists and other creatives. She also edits video and audio materials as well as other professional materials such as biographies, resumes, CVs, etc.  Explore some of her work below.


Kristine Overman

Soprano | Voice and Piano Teacher

Emily O'Connor

Matthew Hyland Cook
Baritone | Organist

Graphic Editing 

A Hand of Bridge | Moores Opera Center


*Final promotional logo, featuring Christine Boddicker as Sally, Eric Laine as Bill, Sara Cox as Geraldine, and Brady Spell as David

Trouble in Tahiti | Moores Opera Center 

Screen Shot 2021-07-20 at 3.14.22 PM.png

*Final product - Scene from episode 5, featuring Brady Spell as Sam and Sarah Neal as Dinah


*Final product - Scene from Episode 2, featuring Audrey Welsh as Dinah

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